What An Embarrassment, Basic Errors Exposed In Adam Perkins’ Benefits Bashing Book

the void

The humiliating climbdown from the Adam Smith Institute The humiliating climbdown from the Adam Smith Institute

Claims of scientific proof that the benefits system is creating a generation of ‘work resistant personalities’ are in tatters after Adam Perkins’ recent book The Welfare Trait was revealed to contain a string of sloppy errors.

The book was first published late last year and initially recieved little attention.  This is because it was shit.  But that didn’t stop the right wing press, along with think-tank The Adam Smith Institute,  claiming that the author had been censored by left wing academics for finally telling the truth about the welfare state. Perkins claimed to have scientific evidence for almost every lazy stereotype ever published about benefit claimants – that social security encourages people to have more children, that unemployed people are lazy and criminal, that benefits encourage people to neglect their children, and even that the welfare state turns people into murderers.  His…

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