Did The Tories Cut The ESA WRAG Because Of A Lie?

Same Difference

Respected blogger Mike Sivier asks readers of his respected blog, Vox Political:

Remember when the new Work and Pensions secretary, Stephen Crabb, wrote on his Facebook page, “A decision was taken by MPs to change the benefit awarded to a specific group of people who receive Employment Support Allowance. These people are in the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG) and they do have a disability or illness but are able to work”?

Same Difference remembers it well as we covered it two days ago.

Vox Political’s article goes on to say that after Stephen Crabb wrote the relevant post on Facebook, Sir Alan Haselhurst justified his decision to support the ESA  WRAG cut with this: “It’s motivated by the desire to get more people back into work who are capable of doing some form of work. We should be making a more active effort to make sure that there’s…

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