ESA Assessors Forced To Retrain If They Find Too Many People Unfit For Work

Same Difference

An important feature, spotted here.

  • Mental health sufferers assessed by physiotherapists
  • Assessors forced to retrain if they pass too many people
  • “Rude” assessors ignoring government guidelines
  • Over half of all initial ‘fit-for-work’ decisions appealed against are being overturned

My doctor knows my situation. My bones are crumbling, like arthritis. That only started when I began to lift the heavy things at M&S.”

Barbara Johnson, 52, lives alone on Colehill Road, Fulham. Her medical problems began after a botched operation on her right foot in 2006. She can now barely walk, due to numbness that has spread up her calf.

This has caused her to collapse in the street several times. “They’ve had to take me straight to hospital,” she says.

Incredibly, Barbara was declared “fit-for-work” by an independent assessor in 2011, despite sending doctors’ certificates to the Department for Work and Pensions. Her Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)…

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