Zac Goldsmith launches campaign at thinktank which wants to privatise the NHS and sell off social housing

Pride's Purge

zac policy exchange

Tory candidate for Mayor of London Zac Goldsmith launched a campaign today at an event hosted by an infamous political think-tank called Policy Exchange.

An interesting choice of host.

Because Policy Exchange thinks the NHS should be privatised:

“We believe that both private sector companies and third sector providers can play a key role in delivering what patients want from a modern National Health Service”

And Policy Exchange thinks social housing should be sold off to developers:

Ending Expensive Social Tenancies

And Policy Exchange also once produced an infamous report which tried to demonise Muslims – but which later had to be retracted because a BBC Newsnight investigation showed it had used fabricated evidence.

Nice of Goldsmith to let London voters know what he really thinks about the NHS, social housing and London’s multi-cultural heritage.

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