You cannot serve two masters.. Universal credit and your employer.

These Universal Credit rules/conditionality don’t even come close to “making work pay” In fact the whole thing comes across like it was taken from some particularly disturbing novel about a dystopian future except this is happening now. It takes a scary kind of person to think these kinds of rules up for payment…..

The poor side of life

Here are two different cases concerning universal credit and work. Both prove the point extremely well that universal credit and the work conditionionality contract linked with this is completely unworkable. Politicians from all parties are not taking this issue seriously enough. Luckily we are.

Case one.
A housing association in Leeds are dealing with a tenant in Leeds who was unable to pay his rent after loosing his job with his employer. This is their story.
The person in question was employed by a company working between 16 and 17 hours a week. On his contract it stated that they were not allowed to apply for extra jobs with other companies. But their jobcentre advisor told them that they must, and he was advised to apply for a job with a rival company.
As you can imagine this didn’t go down too well, and the company that they worked for…

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