My 2 cents on the attacks against the Universal Basic Income from supporters of the Job Guarantee


by Serban V.C. Enache.

As Corbyn’s Labour grapple to establish an economic identity. Serban V.C. Enache outlines the main tenets and disputes between Universal Basic Income and Job Guarentee schemes, shedding an informed light on which option may be favourable to Corbyn and McDonnell’s economic strategy in 2020.

john-mcdonnell-rexLabour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has hinted at including Universal Basic Income in Labour’s 2020 Manifesto

I see some folks engaging in sermons like “People without jobs are not free”, and “Work is a blessing.” The UBI supporters believe that toil is a curse. It’s a big difference between these two words (work & toil). However, nobody is against people doing work, serving each other, opening up firms, hiring people etc. The UBI doesn’t hinder people from going out to work. Those who like volunteer work will have more freedom to do it. Those working minimum wage jobs & working long…

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