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September 12th 2001

US government: We’re going to war with Afghanistan!
UK government: Right with you partners!
General Public: Are the bombers actually IN Afghanistan?
UK government: Shh!
US government: No, but we’re going anyway
UK government: 🙂
General Public: This isn’t about that gas pipeline is it?
UK government: Shh!
US government: Hey! Let’s go attack Iraq too!
General Public: Erm, what does Iraq have to do with any of this?
US government: Shh!
UK government: 45 minutes! 45 minutes! Eek!
General Public: Is this about oil?
US/UK government: Noooo, course not, as if lol, ahem.


UK government: Let’s bomb Syria
General Public: Which side are you on?
UK government: Erm, nevermind. Let’s do it anyway
General Public: Hmm. We saw what you did in Iraq. Is this about that pipeline again?
UK government: Pfft, What pipeline? Don’t know what you mean
General public: We’re not having it…

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