My Opinion of Jeremy Corbyn, The Coup And Beyond

I’ve never liked the political system we have in this country, so when Jeremy Corbyn entered the Labour leadership race I thought “oh well another self-server looking to further his career” I’m happy to say I was wrong, the more I learnt about the man I found I liked him, even though I’d never met him, I felt he might actually care about those he was representing, let’s get this straight, I’m not a band-wagon jumper, I don’t follow the herd, to me the political system in this country, indeed around the world is corrupted beyond repair, I’ve wanted changes for longer than I care to remember, I’m hopeful this might be the start of some of those changes, however I’m not naive enough to think that those who are doing very nicely thankyou out of this unfair, unjust and unequal system aren’t going to fight tooth and nail with everything in their arsenal, and that includes the media to ensure they divide the population against itself (as per usual).

So for me this was something new, somebody from within this system I felt I could trust and get behind who along with a few others like John McDonnell, maybe The Labour party would start to actually oppose the economic and social brutality of the last 30 plus years. Of course the powers that be, the so-called elite (hate that), the greedy rich and their loyal lackeys really don’t want the boat rocked, they didn’t want anything outside the allowed political consensus debated and/or challenged so of course the media onslaught began in earnest helped by those “moderate” Labour politicians who were looking even more arrogant and ineffectual than usual. Unfortunately, even in these days of internet and being able to find different opinions/facts lots of people still form their opinions based largely on mainstream media and this has become even more obvious during this referendum and over the course of JC’s leadership.

So that’s where I think the “moderates” arrogant, “We know best” attitude and utter contempt for, as one MP put it on The Daily Politics recently- “those commies, trots and radical lefties who’ve infiltrated the party”. Comes from is their belief and fact the weight of the whole permanent political class and loyal media is on their side so in the end they can’t lose.

I realise the Labour party is about more than one man, but one man can make people sit up and pay attention, one man can take others who feel the same and be a force for change, also it’s not just one man this is really about, it’s about people who felt that New Labour shifted sharply right in thought and deed and then suddenly finding someone to take the party back to a real opposition to the Tories and the damaging neoliberal ideology meaning there was a party they could once again vote for within the very limiting system of FPTP as it stood for the same things they believe in which because of this FPTP electoral system other smaller anti-austerity parties have no real chance of being voted into Government and people want their vote to count. However, saying that if this coup succeeds and these pathetic excuses for public servants get their way and the Labour party goes back to that limp, fence-sitting, capitulate to Tory policies in exchange for a few swing voters party that we saw before the last election, they can certainly say goodbye to my vote for a long, long time.

Now before some anti-Corbyn Labour voter jumps all over me and says “Well you’ll be letting the Tories win then” or I’m being petulant, well maybe” but  I’d like you to think about this. What are your thoughts about those on welfare having their lives made a misery by the Tory Government, all those – disabled, sick and vulnerable, how many care what happens to the environment, how many care about workers’ rights and unions? The reason I ask these questions is this, I haven’t seen the Labour party really stand up for these things for quite a while now, apart from the odd token MP saying what they believe then the party leadership attempting to fence-sit once the media show any hostility to that position, that fear that the Labour party have that they will be labeled the party of welfare – caring about people’s welfare spoken with a sneer by Tories and media alike. This isn’t just about welfare but that and the Syria vote have shown just how the party’s MP’s are prepared to ignore what those that vote them in want from them.

Anyway I’ve rambled enough, whatever your opinion I would ask you to look further than mainstream media for information. thanks for reading.

Mark Catlin

June 27th 2016