Defending Corbyn: A battle for the soul of Labour

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Tonight the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) gather in the historic and ancient meeting rooms of the House of Commons. Within the walls of this symbol of power and the establishment they will vent their fury, not at the catastrophic leadership of David Cameron, nor the rise of racism and division within our society, but against their own leader, a man who has fought both with every fibre of his being.

Outside, in the streets, and in gatherings up and down the country, ordinary people, Labour Party members and Trade Unionists are rallying to defend Jeremy Corbyn. More than 207,000 have so far signed an online petition expressing confidence in him. Inside the halls of privilege the establishment conspire to oust Corbyn. Outside the masses fight to save him. Can there be a more telling metaphor for the problem facing Labour today?

This is no less than a battle for theā€¦

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