MP Reed moves to exclude Labour members from meeting

Inside Croydon

Steve Reed OBE, the MP for Croydon North/Lambeth South [delete to taste] has been accused of “riding roughshod” over local Labour Party members, after supportive officials athis Constituency Labour Party have manoeuvred to stage a leadership nomination meeting at short notice, excluding more than a thousand members from having a say.

Progress: Steve Reed OBE Steve Reed OBE: excludes party members from a nomination meeting Calls for Reed’s de-selection are growing louder as a consequence.

“There’s a real sense of fear,” one Labour member from the north of the borough told Inside Croydon today. “I’m just an ordinary member, and I just want to have my say, to have my vote, but Reed and his friends want to deny me that.

“And the members know that if there’s any sort of protest on Thursday, they risk being purged by Reed and the Progress lot, accused of intimidation, bullying or worse.”

Reed, a former leader…

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