Exclusive: Interview with the ‘vermin’ shirt-wearer


blairite vermin blurred

Much has been made by the mainstream media and those wishing to smear Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters – and by association, Corbyn himself – of a photograph of a man at a pro-Corbyn rally wearing a t-shirt bearing the words ‘eradicate the right wing blairite vermin‘.

Tellingly, the man is standing between two smirking members of the Labour party’s right-wing, one of whom works for Progress, the arch-blairite, secretively-funded party faction ‘boasting’ such MPs as Chuka Umunna, John McTernan and John Spellar, and one who works for Portland, the PR company run by former Blair aides including Alaster Campbell, which many believe to be the orchestrators of the parliamentary Labour party (PLP) coup against Jeremy Corbyn.

The Progress/PLP narrative for the image is that the message is typical of the ‘dogs’, ‘rabble’ and ‘mob’ of ‘Trots’, ‘entryists’ and misogynists etc who are supposedly responsible for abuse, bullying and threats…

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