Exclusive: Owen 2016 Campaign using polling company offices

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Heavy Metal Politics can reveal the Owen 2016 campaign is using headquarters of polling company, “Survation Ltd.”, to administer its London phone-bank operations.

comb05082016020833.jpgImage combined. Sources: Owen2016.com and UKCompanyDB.com

“Survation” was recently involved in “recruiting” a “balanced” audience for Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, for a Q&A on Brexit, hosted by Sky News.

Capture@Survation Twitter time-line, captured 05/08/16

“Survation” was also embroiled in a controversial poll for “The Sun” newspaper, accused by many of using polling methods designed to skew polling results; stoking the flames of Islamophobia.

survation 2@Survation Twitter time-line, captured 05/08/16. Link to full article here

HPOL has contacted the Owen 2016 campaign for a comment.

“Dear Owen 2016,

I’ve noticed that your London phone-banks are based in the headquarters of Survation Ltd.

I am writing a report on this and I would like a comment from the campaign to follow this up.

Would you be willing to comment on…

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