Punish-the-Poor? Leicester City ‘Consults’ on Planned Changes to Council Tax Scheme

So with benefit payments not rising each year, the amounts claimants are expected to pay out of ESA/JSA for rent, council tax, water rates etc ARE rising each year so the amount the claimant has incoming remains static while outgoings increase, which in turn will increase debt not to mention mental health / health issues worsening due to stress. The death toll due to austerity enforced “welfare reforms” is massive, the cost in human lives blighted by health / mental health is massive also the financial savings are miniscule, in fact, I would go as far to say it probably ends up costing more in the long run. What a disgusting way to run a country, unfortunately there’s lots of selfish unenlightened halfwits out there who couldn’t care less about the plight of claimants.

Thoughts of a Leicester Socialist

Leicester City Labour Council has just launched a public consultation on council tax payments. As the Council’s website put it: “changes are being considered to council tax reduction schemes (also known as council tax support schemes)”. By way of an explanation, they add:

“Continued cuts in government funding mean that Leicester City Council is looking to make substantial budget savings. We are consulting on whether some of this could be achieved by changing the way we administer our council tax reduction scheme.”

Thus, once again, we have the tragic situation where Sir Peter Soulsby’s Labour Council is ‘consulting’ the people of Leicester about whether they support the idea of singling out the poorest and most vulnerable members of our city to demand that they increase their tax contributions.

As the Leicester Mercury (August 4) summarised: “Nearly 20,000 of Leicester’s most hard-up households face having to pay a greater…

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