Reverend Paul Nicholson is prepared to go to jail to defend people in poverty. Support him.

Benefit tales

Statement from the Reverend Paul Nicholson following his lost case against Haringey’s CT court costs yesterday (4th August) :
I lost my council tax case against Haringey Council’s court costs today and await a another summons to court at which the Tottenham Magistrates can jail me.
I am refusing to pay £2831.42 council tax because of the damage the tax is doing to the health of very badly off residents of Haringey some of whom have had their income stopped by a benefit sanction.
Meanwhile Haringey council continues to tax the benefit incomes of its poorest residents, adding court costs, sending in the bailiffs, ignoring mental and physical ill health, the short life span, the low birth-weight, food and fuel poverty,in some of the most deprived wards in the UK.
The Tottenham magistrates have rubber stamped over 60,000 council taxliability orders, 100s and 1000s at a time, adding court costs of £115 against Haringey resident over the past three years on…

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