This short scene from the Labour debate speaks volumes about how Owen Smith ‘does politics’


I wrote this week about how Labour leadership challenger Owen Smith’s supporters have been claiming he ‘won’ the first televised debate, pointing to a ‘standing ovation’ Smith received following his closing remarks of evidence that the crowd was behind him and his ‘like Jeremy, but electable‘ mantra – and that the evidence showed clearly that the ‘ovation’ was by a tiny section of the audience.

But there’s more. The supposed acclaim was prompted by a single person, who was clearly leading a small group of people that had managed to sit together – and who, on standing, told the rest of them to get up.

Here’s an animated gif of the moment in question:


In case it’s not clear enough, here’s a link to the original video footage – not annotated, but of a higher resolution: – you can clearly see the first man to stand turn to…

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