Why is there no Department for Nuclear Disarmament?

Fear and loathing in Great Britain


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,515

Sunday 07 August 2016.

Dear Mrs May,

Yesterday was Hiroshima Day, the 71st anniversary of the first of the two nuclear bomb attacks on Japan. The death toll was between 90,000 and 146,000 people and the cry across the world to this day is “Never again!”

In writing about terrorism the late Howard Zinn wrote, “war is itself the most extreme form of terrorism.” War contains within it all the brutality of what you call terrorism but with the added might of the full weight of industrial (for profit) armed power and the armed forces of nation states. For all the jingoistic patriotism drummed up through propaganda, in both world wars Britain had to impose conscription on the people. War is glorified and treated as the ultimate form of patriotism, but there is nothing glorious in its reality and no sane…

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