The Guardian’s master of cognitive dissonance


by Jonathan Cook, July 30, 2016

Jonathan Freedland of the Guardian proves himself once again the master of cognitive dissonance. He berates the progressive left for its failure to match the emotional power of the political right’s slogans. The left lacks an answer, he says, to the rise of a Donald Trump.

It is hard (for once) not to agree with Freedland when he writes that the left must have:

…a response to the globalisation and automisation [sic] that has left so many millions feeling as if they, and the once flush towns they live in, have been consigned to the scrap heap. It means taming globalisation so that both its costs and benefits are shared more evenly. Right now, those at the top get the rewards while those at the bottom pay the price.

There are policy answers, starting with putting people back to work in jobs that pay decent wages. Spending billions…

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