The newly politically motivated can forget it, says Labour


August 13, 2016

Anyone feeling suddenly politically motivated because of Jeremy Corbyn can forget it because it’s never going to happen, according to his own party.

images-1 “Do it somewhere else,” says Labour

All those inspired to join Labour by an unfamiliar sense of hope in politics are invited to return directly to apathy.

Labour MP George Cowley said: “Electable or not, Jeremy Corbyn has demarginalised hundreds of thousands of people, giving them something to vote for in a party that matters, daring them to hope for change, for ‘Corbyn in, Tories out,’ as they say.

“What a prick.

“We say to those people, Corbyn in, Tories out, do the hokey cokey and turn around and get to fuck.

“There’s nothing for you here.”

“You want change? Give me £5O, I’ll give you £20 and use the rest to pay for your taxi back to the political wilderness, where you have…

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