UNACCEPTABLE is one word that has been used to describe the Chartered Institute of Journalists appointment of former UKIP head of communications Mark Croucher as its president.

Since 1884 the Institute has championed broadcast media and press impartiality. So why is Croucher’s persona viewed by some as incongruous?

One answer might be today’s strangely politicised global news media environment. Mass proliferation of so-called citizen journalists via social media has started to blur boundaries that once distinguished publishable from unpublishable authorship. Though proponents of this new influx may or may not be in denial about the Institute’s role as standard bearer for journalistic impartiality, its status as guardian of media practitioners’ professional interests is a reality that very few people feel the need to publicly repudiate.

Other answers are evident in definitions of xenophobia expressed by leading scholars in postcolonial thought, new nation building and transcultural identity. Educational psychologist Oksana Yakushko…

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