As Corbyn’s Labour closes to 5 points, has Establishment shot itself in foot?


Following Wednesday’s Labour leadership debate televised by BBC News, Ipsos Mori published a voting-intention poll showing Labour only 5 points behind the Tories:


From a low of 14% behind just a few weeks ago, Labour had closed to 7% last week. 5% is not where Corbyn or any of his supporters would want to be, but considering the constant ‘briefing against’ by the PLP (parliamentary Labour Party) against Corbyn’s leadership abilities and (ludicrously) about his effort in the EU referendum, spurious and completely unevidenced allegations by Labour MPs of ‘abuse’ by Corbyn supporters, a concocted anti-semitism row and relentlessly negative coverage even by the so-called ‘liberal media’, to be closing the gap is remarkable.

Has the Establishment shot itself in the foot by organising the ‘Chicken Coup’ to try to force Corbyn to resign and then manufacturing a leadership challenge?

Until the referendum result, coverage of Corbyn in the media…

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