Michael Foster’s poisonous ‘nazi slur’ article dissected


Michael Foster, the rich ‘former Labour donor’ who instigated – and rightly lost – a legal case to try to prevent Jeremy Corbyn being on the ballot for the Labour leadership contest, has caused outrage among supporters of the Labour leader and in any right-thinking person by going to the Daily Mail to pen an article, as poisonous as it is laughable, equating Corbyn and his supporters with Nazi stormtroopers.

Since I belong to the “don’t get mad, show it to be bollocks” school, I decided to do just that, which in this case is anything but difficult. Since I have no wish to link to the “Fail”, I’ll let you look it up if you can stomach it, but you can consider the ‘newspaper’ duly ‘credited’.

Here’s what he wrote. As it’s a point-by-point refutation, I consider reproducing it here ‘fair use’. Mr Foster’s words are in italics, my…

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