We are featured in this weeks copy of The Big Issue North.

There’s absolutely no compassion in these edicts from Westminster, the welfare state needs bolstering for the future not destroying. Technological advances mean the required workforce will get smaller each few years, the population is growing exponentially, so before long there will be more people and less and less work available, without a robust benefits system to cope with this, there will be masses of homeless people starving on the street. IMHO we’re heading to a dystopian future where the wealthy and their loyal lackeys all live in gated, secure communities while the rest live outside in squalour hoping for a few hours work to enable them to feed themselves and/or their families…….what a thought eh?

The poor side of life

The author Gary is a lovely chap. He shadowed me at our weekly demo and I think that he was shocked of the gravity of reality of the in work conditionality element of Universal Credit.

People often forget about this, perhaps because they think that it won’t affect them. But it very well could do and it’s best to research and to be prepared for the eventuality of in work conditionality.

Anyway, have a read, it’s a fantastic article and very well written.

Thanks very much Gary.

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