Can anyone “guarantee the integrity” of the Labour leadership ballot?  


More than a week after thousands of Corbyn supporters were suspended from the Labour Party on spurious pretexts, there is sadly no evidence that the clique at party HQ are interested in an appeals process.

For me this is day 9 of the suspension. I have sent 5 emails to the party HQ, none of which has received a reply. I have also had a telephone conversation, which led to a vague assurance that the evidence on which I am suspended would be sent in a few days.

Countless other people are reporting the same stalling of their appeals. I am not aware of anybody who has been told a timescale for their appeal to be heard.

I continue to work with other suspended members to battle against this. We are building momentum, and it is sign of the interest in the campaign that this series of Blog posts have…

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