Labour HQ say suspensions not being investigated until AFTER leadership ballot


Today has brought official confirmation from the Labour Party of the scenario many people feared. Having prevented thousands of Corbyn supporters from voting in the leadership election, with draconian suspensions, the anti-Corbyn clique at headquarters are blocking members from an appeal process that could allow their votes to be reinstated. This is a travesty of party democracy, and an insult to thousands of loyal Labour people.

I finally received an email from the compliance department at Labour headquarters today, but this merely repeated the vague suspension letter.

I replied as follows:


I do not feel that your email really deals with the issues that I have raised in a series of five emails sent to the Labour Party, between August 25 and August 31, contesting my suspension. I presume you have the emails on record, but can re-send them if required.

To summarise my position:

1 As a loyal…

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