“Saving” Children’s Services: The Letter that Leicester City Labour Council Wanted to Send, But Never Did

Thoughts of a Leicester Socialist


Dear Voters of Leicester

First of all, as your Labour City Council, we wish to thank you for continuing to vote for us through thick and thin. Electing 52 Labour councillors into a possible 54 positions is not bad at all.

We on your Mayoral team are, of course, sure that we can continue to count upon your vote in the future, and count on us to continue to unwillingly carry through Tory cuts. Cuts are necessary and it would be amiss of us to try to build a fight-back against the government, no matter how hated and weak they are.

That said, you can certainly rely upon the leaders of your proudly Labour Mayoral team (especially Sir Peters Soulsby and Rory Palmer) to continue to lead the attacks against the leader of our own party (Jeremy Corbyn). You see, historically speaking, we have always believed that austerity and cuts…

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