Labour right just attempted ANOTHER, silent coup. It must not be allowed to succeed


The anti-democratic section of the Labour party, laughably referred to as ‘moderates’, has today attempted a second ‘chicken coup’ – and its success or failure hangs in the balance.

You are extremely unlikely to hear it mentioned in the mainstream media.

The Labour NEC, which includes several imminently-defunct members who will be replaced by Corbyn supporters at the weekend, has voted by 16-14 to increase its number by two – one member each to be nominated directly (i.e. unelected) by the leaders of Welsh and Scottish Labour:


The BBC’s notoriously anti-Corbyn Laura Kuenssberg chose to brush past this anti-democratic measure as if it meant nothing:


But the even more anti-Corbyn (and failed NEC candidate), prominent in the anti-Corbyn Progress and Labour First factions, who struggles not to boast about what he considers his side’s successes, let the cat out of the bag by admitting that the move would cancel out the effects of recent…

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