Neil Coyle MP experiences what it’s like to be a purged Labour member

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Labour MP Neil Coyle appeared on Sky News earlier today speaking out against Jeremy Corbyn’s release of the 13 Labour MP’s who had been named in a list showing those MP’s which had used abusive behaviour or language towards, or about, Jeremy Corbyn.
It has since been revealed that the list was unintentionally released as part of a briefing and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has issued an apology.

Listen though to how Neil Coyle speaks of the revelation in the video below from Sky News earlier.

Neil Coyle states..

“All I know is that the leader of my party has gone out of his way to issue a statement accusing me of abuse with no detail, no forewarning, no explanation of what I am accusedof..”

He went on to say..

“..I’m trying to work out what I’m accused of and how to defend myself from defamation by my own party…

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