BBC figures show AT LEAST 121,000 ELIGIBLE voters denied their vote


Anyone paying even the slightest attention to social media (mainstream media have almost completely ignored it) over recent weeks cannot fail to be aware of the fact that the right-wing section of the Labour machinery has been busily depriving voters of their right to vote in the current leadership contest on the most spurious of grounds, including full members and those who have been gouged for £25 for the privilege. However, it has been very difficult to gauge exactly the scale of this assault on democracy.

Now, a post on the BBC News politics site, which in itself does not draw attention to the gerrymandering – has made the astonishing scale of what can only be considered rigging clear, if you do a bit of digging into the figures. Here’s the BBC’s graphic showing the totals of those who have been given a vote:


In total, 642,000 people are getting a vote. Sounds like…

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