Jeremy Corbyn – What Next?

Heavy Metal Politics


Tough word.

Hard work. Resilience. Dedication. Effort.

The motivation when your alarm rings at 6 am on a Monday morning. The motivation to wash the dishes on Christmas. The motivation to brave the cold weather and trek to the laundrette.

Motivation is the bane of our lives.

But what about a different kind of motivation? What about the motivation to launch a political earthquake? To continue the revolution which began one year ago: to change British politics – and the country – forever?

That’s a motivation we can get on-board with.

While some in the Party might have been motivated-enough to “knock the dishes back on their heels,” many of us were forced into two battles: to fight both Tories and Labour at the same time.

It’s easily overlooked.

The past year has felt like an internal battle – a marriage bordering on divorce: one partner desiring unity and stability – the…

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