Why Owen Jones Was Right: The Blairites are Toxic to the Labour Movement

Thoughts of a Leicester Socialist

Owen Jones first acquired his prominent national media profile in the wake of publishing his excellent 2011 book Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class. This book provided a devastating critique to the anti-worker politics of the New Labour machine that still dominates the Parliament Labour Party to this day. The main difference now, however, is that the growing grassroots of the Labour Party has once again given a massive mandate to a principled socialist to reclaim their party from New Labour, precisely so their party can be used to fight for the needs of the 99% not for the 1%.

Presently, hundreds of thousands of socialists are keen that Jeremy Corbyn takes the necessary democratic steps to oust the New Labour old guard – who, after all, still represent the majority of Labour’s elected representatives — from their positions of influence within the Labour Party. It will not…

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