Exodus of the Undemocratic Democrats

North Socialist

On Saturday in Liverpool, Jeremy Corbyn was re-elected as leader of the Labour Party with an increased mandate from 59% to 61.8% (62%). It was a day for celebration as the left-wing of the party won this important battle against the right, but of course the right-wing of the party were doing anything BUT celebrating.

Some of the sore losers cut up their memberships and used the hashtag “#GoodbyeLabour” to say they were leaving Labour because “Corbyn’s unelectable” to join a party that was absolutely smashed at the last general election, the Liberal Democrats. There was no rational thought put in to these decisions, it was just a temper tantrum, because the self-proclaimed “moderates” can’t handle that they’re no longer in charge anymore. They tried to cheat to win by purging thousands upon thousands of Corbyn supporters for the most ridiculous reasons, such as liking the Foo Fighters or retweeting…

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