The Masks Have Fallen: How An Out Of Touch Political Elite Can’t Accept The Changing World Around Them

Excellent piece…..

North Socialist

There once was a time in Labour past when those who we now consider “the enemy” were the good guys. They were the only viable alternative to the Conservatives at the time, but the Conservatives were nowhere near power, and at the time we thought that was a great thing. We accepted the good policies, we accepted the bad, we didn’t care because it was a Labour government! We cheered on Iraq, we cheered on academies, we cheered on PFI, because this wasn’t a Thatcher government, this was a Tony Blair government – a Labour government! We didn’t have a clue. Some of us did and warned us of the dangers of “New Labour”, but some of us didn’t listen and were like, “IT’S LABOUR, NOT THE CONSERVATIVES,” so it was automatically alright. If you spoke out against things like Tony Blair’s Iraq war, you were branded a TRAITOR. If…

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