Why we have to take white working class people’s fears seriously

I saw Liz Kendall talking about this on BBC This Week, where she said regarding working class views over immigration and brexit we shouldn’t sneer at their culture, well I’m sorry Liz I’m always going to sneer at racists, no matter what their concerns or financial situation.

Media Diversified

by Jacinta Nandi

There’s this sense of relief in their tone when white people tell you – when white middle-class people tell you – how poor and miserable the Brexit voters are. Or, in the US, Trump. Or, in Germany, the AfD. There’s a sense of relief, but also a certain satisfaction. Friends and family members will tell you, earnestly, at dinner parties: “These people are so poor, Jacinta, so poor, they’ve been ignored for years, for decades, for centuries, basically. You cannot physically comprehend how poor these people are. They’ve been working down pits for centuries and centuries, they’re barely human anymore. They’re this kind of sub-human homo-goblinus creature now. No light in their lives, no hope. You can’t even begin to imagine how hopeless their lives are.” Or sometimes, when they talk about Trump

Rachel Reeves: Not a UKIP MP Rachel Reeves: Not a UKIP MP

voters, the stories are all like: “These white…

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