Jeremy Corbyn: Record-Breaker

Heavy Metal Politics

Often accused of “sounding like a broken-record,” Jeremy Corbyn spent 30 years championing the Left in Parliament. Trade unions. Socialism. Democracy.

But the truth is; far from being a broken-record: Jeremy Corbyn is a record-breaker:

12th September, 2015: Wins leadership election by 59.5%.

24th September, 2016: Wins leadership election by 61.8%.

6th October, 2016: Gives two-out-of-three “great offices of state” (Foreign Secretary, Chancellor, Home Secretary) to women, creating the most diverse Shadow Cabinet ever, with a record number of BAME Ministers.

With 550,000 Party members, 180,000 supporters and 168,000 affiliates, Labour’s grassroots has boomed; making it the biggest political Party in Western Europe.

Two landslide leadership elections have allowed Corbyn to form a front-bench entirely of his own choosing; with some MPs returning, having previously resigned.

The inclusion of Jonny Reynolds, Sarah Champion, Keir Starmer and Nia Griffith signals not just Corbyn’s desire to work with the PLP; but the PLP’s…

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