First They Mock You, Then They Imitate You, Then You Win.

Turning the Tide

When it comes to politics, imitation is not a form of flattery; it’s a sign a party is scared of losing precious votes to another party with popular policies. It can seem like savvy politics in the short term, but it can backfire. When one party imitates another they are inadvertently validating that party’s policies and values.
Rather than stealing a party’s votes, the imitator bolster’s it’s standing in the eyes of the voting public. Ultimately people don’t trust a party playing catch up. And they often stick to the party that came up with those policies first. After all, why vote for the echo when you can vote for the shout?

Under Corbyn, Labour are offering something truly exciting and different. This has clearly unnerved Mrs May, hence her attempt to reach out to voters who might be drawn to vote for those policies. This shouldn’t worry us. In fact…

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