Smear we go again: ‘soft-left’ journos ignore Enoch open-goal for fact-free Corbyn attack


Smear we go again.

Since Jeremy Corbyn was first elected Labour leader just over a year ago, either the right-wing media or, worse, the right-wing ‘left’ have desperately flung mud at him in the hope that something might stick.

The nature of these smears tells you everything you need to know about the motives of those behind them. Jeremy Corbyn’s impeccable record of standing up against racism, for human rights generally and of being on the right side of history on issues like the invasion of Iraq mean that a frontal assault on his policies and ethics is doomed to failure.

He’s still, as far as I know, the only serving MP ever to be arrested for an act of protest, for demonstrating outside the South African embassy in 1984, long before anti-apartheid views were mainstream:


The smear tactic

So the tactic of his opponents is one of ‘smear by association’…

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