And another thing: about ‘Corbyn said he wouldn’t attend SWP event’


So, my article a few hours ago showing the claim that Corbyn attended an ‘SWP event’ and therefore supports ‘apologists for rape culture’ is nonsense has caused a bit of a stir, with some predictable adverse reaction from those determined to insist that he did.

In response to some Twitter comments, I asked for evidence that he had ever agreed not to attend because of requests not to attend an SWP event.

I’m still waiting, but the nearest anyone has come to actual evidence (rather than simply repeating the same point, occasionally in varying ways, which is the norm), are these tweets, the link to which was tweeted to me by someone else:


But it doesn’t stand up. There are too many scenarios that could fit Ms Foster’s paraphrasing, mostly variations along these lines:

DF: Please ask Jeremy not to go to this event – it’s the SWP

Corbyn’s office:…

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