Labour’s empty rhetoric arms race with the Tories on immigration

Media Diversified

by Raf

Post-Brexit the pound is worth less than a Jimmy Savile autograph, so we are going to need those gold-hoarding immigrants in Birmingham to stay and float the UK economy. But rather than arguing for a coherent immigration policy, one not based on fear and misinformation, the Labour PLP are having the kind of identity crisis that afflicts a boyband when they hit 21. They are looking admiringly at the space vacated by Farage, Gove and the Vote Leave camp, and have decided to get mucky in the alternative Hard Brexit scene.

Some in the Labour PLP have decided the best way to attain electoral success in 2020 is to spend their time talking about immigration – not in any substantive way, other than to say we need to talk about immigration. Having written off Labour grassroots as Trot infiltrators during the summer, they have decided they will, during…

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