False Flag “Whistleblowing” – A Guide – Part One – Starring Angela Eagle

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fantastic-story13th October 2016

Fantastic Story number #1 –

Angela Eagle, Wallasey MP, has been ‘fighting the corner’ of 17 ‘whistleblowers’

Except she hasn’t.  But through possession of a dedicated media team, with contacts at the powerful Westminster press lobby, she has the power to manipulate the message and to get her nodding dog journalists to present elaborate, outlandish claims as somehow ‘factual’.

As regards ‘whistleblowing’, here are two carefully timed and positioned mainstream (National) and local (Merseyside) media stories, laced with inaccuracies:



More detail

On 20th July 2016, Wallasey Constituency Labour Party was controversially suspended, and members found themselves unable to speak and prevented from engaging in democratic processes such as submitting motions to the party conference – which was held soon after in September.

The suspension was connected to alleged ‘bullying, intimidation and homophobia’ at the Wallasey CLP Annual General Meeting held on Friday 24th June.

Prior to this date there had been no allegations of…

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