Child benefit. Maternity leave. The welfare system. ‘Gimmicks’ to end asap, according to Tory ‘independent charity’


A couple of days ago, I wrote how Tories are masquerading as an ‘independent charity’ in order to push through the privatisation of the NHS.

Well, some further reading has shown very clearly that dismantling and selling off the NHS is far from the limit of their ambitions. Take a look at this list:

Unemployment benefit
Child benefit
Tax allowances for low earners
Winter fuel allowance
Paid maternity leave
Tax credits
Zero-rated VAT on children’s clothes
Free bus passes for pensioners

Student loans (except at normal ‘commercial interest rates’, which are vastly higher than the rate currently applied to student loans to cover already-exorbitant university fees)

Reform has published ‘reports‘ calling all of these ‘gimmicks’ that should be ended as soon as possible in order to make society ‘fairer’, calling for them to be either scrapped entirely or else replaced with insurance-based alternatives supplied (of course) by private…

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