Hostages to wealth and the growing resistance

Fear and loathing in Great Britain


We are the prisoners of finance, of wealth and, more truthfully, those who revere wealth above all else, who seek ever greater wealth no matter the cost to individual lives, communities, nations and the world.

There is nothing reasonable about what is going on, this global asset stripping has all the hallmarks of a religious cult in which sense and reason are entirely absent.

It is being perpetrated by people who believe, as an article of faith, that they deserve the wealth of the world because they believe in their inherent superiority and genetic worth over the common masses.

The death toll in Britain is un-numbered, no one knows the true toll that poor people have paid, quite simply because of the knock on effect of policies of endless punishment and impoverishment of poor people and their communities.

Most damning of all is that the price that poor people pay…

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