Tory ‘smarm offensive’ can’t hide real cause of NHS crisis


Smarm offensive

Today’s TV and radio news has been awash with government mouthpieces in a mind-boggling attempt to cast the NHS crisis as the result of ‘poor leadership’ at Trust and GP level.

This ‘smarm-offensive’ – one after another superior, plummy-voiced talking head, all sounding like the management-type of consultant rather than the medical type that might have some credibility – has been rolled out in a desperate attempt to nullify the news that the NHS Trust responsible for one of the UK’s largest teaching hospitals, has been placed in ‘special measures’.

St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has been rated ‘inadequate’, with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) commenting specifically on the deterioration in its services over the last two years – making clear that this is a phenomenon that has happened entirely on the Tories’ watch.

Both hospitals run by the Trust were failed on numerous points and a…

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