We have three choices…

Fear and loathing in Great Britain


Iain Duncan Smith is not happy with Ken Loach’s film ‘I, Daniel Blake’, he says it focused only on, “the very worst of anything that can ever happen to anybody.”

Dr Simon Duffy on behalf of the Campaign for a Fair Society, published by The Centre for Welfare Reform, found that due to cuts in benefits and services the burden on people in poverty was 5 times the rest of population, the burden on disabled people was 9 times the rest of population and the burden on people with severest disabilities was 19 times the rest of population.

The Child Poverty Action Group found that 3.9 million children were living in poverty in the UK in 2014-15 and the Trussell Trust reported that 415,866 children were given three-day emergency food supplies between 1 April 2015 and 31 March 2016.

In his 2015 budget speech George Osborne said, “So those who…

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