“Enemies of the People”. No, not judges (or Corbyn). The Mail & co.


lesson.jpgToday’s right-wing newspapers will carry variations of a headline that shows how far we, as a country, have fallen and how close we are to falling catastrophically  further still. They’re also an object lesson in another, more common demonisation.

Here are the Daily Mail’s, Telegraph’s and Express’ front pages in response to a decision by judges to uphold a law that is inconvenient to the aims and aspirations of a handful of billionaires, along with those of the super-rich individuals and companies whose interests align with theirs and the politicians who serve those interests:

The Express headline looks at first glance slightly less rabid, but the article compares EU membership to rape and forcible sterilisation and to the darkest days or World War II.

When a more sane journalist commented that this showed how close we are to ‘civic breakdown’, he was jumped on:


‘Dangerous to attempt to thwart the…

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