Labour’s suspension-lifting mass mailing makes mockery of process


Thousands of Labour members have received letters over the past few days, all sent at the same time, informing them that their suspension from the Labour party is being lifted and they are now ‘free to resume active membership’.

Here is one such letter, reproduced (anonymised) by the kind permission of its recipient. This blog is aware of many more:


Note that there is no trace of apology in the letter and that a ‘formal NEC warning’ is issued – in this instance, nonsensically. The tweet in question put a caption on an image of a senior Tory MP, showing the MP in question calling a homeless person ‘scum’ who is homeless because they deserve it – in other words, it was attacking Tory attitudes, had no bearing on any Labour member and was certainly not in any way ‘detrimental to the Party’.

If it had, in fact, been the…

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