Can Corbyn’s Labour Party win the next general election?

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Myths and false narrative

To answer the question posed, we must first tackle the myths and false narrative perpetuated on MSM. These relate to polls, Corbyn’s unpopularity, Tory popularity, assertion that there is a need to win Tory voters and inability of Labour to deal effectively either in Parliament as an Opposition or in articulating its message to the public. Furthermore, another assertion is that Labour needs to win 96 seats to get back into power and this can only be done by positioning Labour to the ‘illusory’ Centre or just Right of  Centre. This shift of the party leftwards from Blair & Brown to Miliband & now Corbyn is considered a self-inflicting disaster by those on the Labour Right. They believe that to win power Labour must emulate Tony Blair’s success and that means electing as leader anyone from the Left traditions of the party is clearly political suicide.

Blair legacy


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