Exclusive: new Wallasey CLP evidence – NEC report more holes than swiss cheese


The SKWAWKBOX series of articles on the saga of the suspension of Wallasey CLP (constituency Labour party), amid allegations of ‘abuse’ and homophobic insults against Labour MP Angela Eagle, has aroused much interest and comment.

This blog was the first to publish the full NECDP (National Executive Committee Disputes Panel) report into alleged events at the CLP and was able to reveal a series of fundamental weaknesses in the report, as well as as proof that at least one of the allegations made by Ms Eagle’s supporters was complete fiction.

Last week, a 102-page report was submitted to the NEC by the officers of Wallasey CLP, providing detailed evidence to support their critique of the report and protest at the continuing suspension of meetings.

The full report cannot yet be published, but, in another exclusive, the SKWAWKBOX has obtained a summary report prepared by the same people.

This summary report is…

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