Liars and idiots (2)

Musical Matters... you want to know which is the online manifestation of human stupidity that depresses me more than any other — and, believe me, literally every kind of stupid is to be found somewhere on the internet! — it is the stream of supposedly ‘incisive’, would-be ‘knock-down’ responses I get when my criticisms of the BBC go out into the world of so-called ‘social media’.

I daresay you can imagine what it’s like…

I will be discussing the BBC’s shameless and unconcealed right-wing bias in all matters relating to news, politics, media and society — when an arrogant and stupid message arrives, telling me that ‘The BBC is left-wing, you muppet!

I will be substantiating my thesis that the BBC’s undermining of British democracy (not least by means of an obtrusive fealty to both global capital and several foreign governments) requires that its Royal Charter be immediately revoked

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