White Skin, Black Masks: On the “Decolonial Desire” of Vasco Araújo

Media Diversified

by Efua Bea

decolonial-desire-1I walked into the opening of Vasco Araújo’s Decolonial Desire exhibition, his first UK solo show, at Autograph ABP last month with somewhat low expectations. I guess I’ve just become a little tired of white men getting lots of funding and lots of space to tell me about my Blackness, the history of my country and how decoloniality is affecting him. I do, however have faith in the curating of Autograph and so kept an open mind.

The exhibition is made up of five installed works downstairs and a series of short films upstairs. The work has occupied the entire gallery and will continue to do so until December 3rd.

The opening is busy; an impressively brown and Black audience swells into the space. Sound bursts like a bubble on the triple height ceilings, the comforting polished concrete floors lending a little relief to the…

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