Word ‘fake’ to sue Watson/Dugher for defamation


News has reached the SKWAWKBOX that, in an unprecedented move, a word intends to sue Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson and his newly-appointed ‘fake news’ hatchet-man Michael Dugher for defamation.

The offended adjective is understood to have appointed QCs Hugh Gorraby and Joe King to head its legal action, with investigations firm Ure, Shytting and Mee in charge of evidence-gathering.

In a formal statement, Fake laid out the reasons for its unique move:

For years now, I’ve made a steady living by being clearly understood, with a clear and universal application and a well-defined niche to operate in.

Now these two have ruined all that by launching an ‘inquiry’ that associates me not with the obviously, well, fake, but with anything that highlights stuff they don’t want people to hear about.

I used to mean ‘made up’, ‘inauthentic’ and ‘false’, plain and simple, but now I’m being treated as if I…

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